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Friends Only~ [kind of]

Hola a tod@s ^^
Ya que estoy asegurándome con mis fics (luego de habe tenido un par de problemas), he decidido cerrar las entradas para amigos.
Es decir, de ahora en adelante, todos mis fics sólo podrán ser leídos por amigos. -> Ya no publico fics en este journal, abrí otro para eso exclusivamente, así que si quieren agregarlo, me mandan un mensaje y les doy la dirección ^^...
Para la gente que aun no me ha agregado, si aun así quieren hacerlo, dejen un post aquí.

EDITADO (16-marzo-2009)

Saben? Si no van a postear no le veo el caso a agregarme, tengo otro journal para que puedan leer los fics si esa es la razón por la que me agregaron. Supongo que pronto voy a hacer corte de la lista de amigos que tengo~

You know? If you're not going to comment or post in your own journals, I don't really see the point in adding me, I have another LJ with my fanfics so you can read them (if that's the reason why you added me in the first place).
I'm in the mood to make a friend cut.
I'm sorry if I sounded bitchy... my mood isn't very good right now T_TU

Banner hermoso auspiciado por mi Yucci amado~ *akanishi mamón  XD!!!!*  sakurawaji
Está bello, lo amo con toda mi alma~ *___*
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Song of the Day

This is a present, and you should all accept it

That means:

Love, me.-

Oh, yes, thanks to my super awesome nine-chan tawsuna ♥, she shared with me the new album Siam Shade Tribute and allowed me to share the link (not like stupid fans who don't like sharing ¬¬...). Anyways, if you didn't know about it, it's a tribute album (duh) with different foreign singers singing Siam Shade awesome and epic songs.
So here you have:

Siam Shade Tribute

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Friends cut!!!!

I'm kind of tired of this fandom and people who had added me and never comment on my posts
So , since I don't post that much about KT-TUN and I'm actually quite inactive in the fandom

I'm doing a FRIENDS CUT :D!

Comment here if you really want to stay; close friends and people who comment, of course, will stay.
People who I don't comment... I think I'll delete them too lol
If I don't get a message this week, I'll just delete people from my F-list.

Sorry if it sounds bitchy.
It is.
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I need more Dexter-related friends

Yeah D: pathetic subject XDDDDDD
But oh well...

Don't click play if you still haven't watched Season 4 finale, and if you don't want to see anything about Season 5 just yet :D

Season 5 trailer "It's Already Over"

adjasglZYXgJZygsakwyfautefwÄSÄS;A¨SM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *faints*
I need September now D:
September 26th come already D8 dammit

Yeah... about the Bohemian Rhapsody thing, just for you to know, I came up with that first (just in case, I mean, this doesn't mean I've already seen fics about it, ok?)

This entry will remain public :D
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Chile ayuda a Chile

Thanks to all of you and of course the people of this beautiful country called Chile. We were able to raise

US 57,185,250.089

I'm so proud of my country and its beautiful nice, helpful people!

Today was a ice day and we got to know how great and such a huge heart we all have when it comes to Chile
Thanks again, hopefully everything will be better from now on :D


Just to let you know :D!

So, yeah, I told you I'd just leave the ficlets I wrote for AkaHara for a week, but... it's been more than a week LOL!
I'm taking them out of here, but you can still read them here on going_upwind  an AkaHara related community~♥

That's all!
Congratulations to my dear Michael C Hall (Dexter), who won SAG Award to Best Actor in a Drama Series (hope he gets better soon, he's doing great, all my love and peace to him♥!) and Glee cast that won Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy~!
Inglorious Basterds won Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome movie, watch it if you haven't yet!
Mariska Harigitay (Law & Order SVU) didn't win Best Actress in a Drama Series, but just as I said on my twitter, Juliana Margulies (The Good Wife) is just as awesome, so I'm happy anyways ;D!

OK, that's really all this time LOL!
Have a nice Sunday~!
Miss Kame

Icon Batch... AkameHara o.o!!!!!

Simple icon batch =D
Yep, cause they're made by me and I suck at PSP ^^U
Some of the first twelve icons were made for tawsuna, and you already saw them on a previous entry, I added them here so it would look like I made hundreds XD *fails*

1-17 Akanishi Jin
18-21 Kamenashi Kazuya
22-23 Hiro & Takako (SPEED)
24-32 Uehara Takako

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